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The Barnacle - Alex House news for more than 40 Years!

Our newsletter is always a good read and as we increase our on-line presence, we are decreasing our print and paper output. We now publish full issues three times a year - winter, spring, and fall. Community members, volunteers and staff all contribute and the result is a potpourri of news, views, chuckles, opinions and of course program and event information. If you'd like to receive each issue directly in your inbox, please subscribe (on the Home Page) and we'll be happy to add you to the list!

In this issue ...... Hallowe'en Wrap-Up, Alexandra Camp Theatre, Lit Cafe 5, Youth Collective, Alexandra Retreat and Events Centre, Parenting Programs, Children's Programs and lots more winter program and event information.


In this issue ...... spring break play away day camps, Lit Cafe, seniors out-trips, parenting programs, children's programs and lots more!

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